Service Information

Central California Generator, LLC will perform the following list of service checks during every inspection and additional services, when required.  These checks have been designed around emergency generator and NFPA 110 standards. 

Preventive Maintenance services will be performed on a flat fee basis and will include all labor, travel and service parts as indicated.  Callouts will be based on a time and materials basis. 

Is your generator system in a remote location?  No terrain is too tough to make the unit inaccessible.  We're equipped with four-wheel-drive service trucks and all-terrain-vehicles so we're guaranteed to get the job done!

Emergency?!!!  We provide 24 Hour Emergency Service Repair - 3 hour Response Time

During each Inspection, the following is performed:

 Before Engine Run:
            - Check fluid levels (fuel, oil and coolant), top off as needed
            - Verify block heater operation
            - Check engine-starting battery water level, top off as needed
            - Check battery terminals, connections & cables

Engine Run checks:
            - Check Oil Pressure
            - Check Fuel Pressure
            - Check Oil level, add as needed
            - Check RPM (frequency)
            - Check generated voltage at Transfer Switch
            - Inspect Transfer Switch and perform transfer test, upon approval
            - Inspect for leaks or unnecessary noises

After Engine Run:
            - Verify all switches & breakers are in position for auto start, or in original position
            - Check fuel tank level 
            - Verify battery charging volts and record
            - Clean & protect battery terminals for better connection
            - Inspect and clean generator

Field Service Reporting:
            - Provide written report for each visit
            - Advise customer & annotate any abnormal situations and/or potential problems that
            may require further attention
            - Indicate fuel tank level

During each Preventive Maintenance Annual Service, the following is performed:

Inspection checks previously listed and the following:
            - Drain system of oil and replace with new oil
            - Remove & Replace oil filter(s), fuel filter(s) and coolant filter(s) (if applicable)
            - Inspect air filter(s)
            - Verify generator output 
            ** Oil, Fuel, Coolant can be retrieved for analysis, upon request

Load Bank Test: 

Set up load bank 
equipment, turn generator on, apply load in steps & record data for your 
requested number of hours